Press Release - FALL 2022

Press Release - FALL 2022

Silent leaders in organic fashion By the Sea Organics emphasize the importance of eco-conscious luxury products.

By the Sea, Organics LLC is a sustainable luxury brand that is on a mission to protect the environment and natural resources through its products.


By the Sea Organics is an organic fashion brand that encourages sustainable shopping and inspired living through its products. The luxury brand is a long-time advocate of conserving the environment and natural resources through zero waste and creating eco-conscious items.

The company is led by an independent fashion designer, Kathryn Letson, who believes an eco-lifestyle is the way to achieve simple luxury products and protect the world. By the Sea, Organics was launched to provide people with alternative luxury products so that they can live a zero-waste lifestyle. The zero-waste brand is designed in Hawaii and produced with our fair-trade partners. “Our products are made in small batches using centuries-old techniques kept alive by family artisans.”

By the Sea, Organics was established in 2007 and has worked in the spirit of global fair trade. The brand features products like colorful cotton market totes, up-cycled Kantha totes, tree-free journals, quilted pouches, sarongs, and many other zero-waste accessories.  By the Sea Organics also offers classic styles available in one free size, making it easy for people to shop without worrying about sizes. “If you like how clothing makes you look and feel, that’s the right choice.”

All By the Sea Organics clothing items are made from natural fabrics and dyes to ensure customers have access to chemical-free clothes that do not negatively affect their skin. “Organic fabrics allow the skin to breathe while synthetics don’t. Treating your skin with the utmost care is important, and organic clothing is the best choice for your health.”

As part of its commitment to growth and sustainability, the brand is continually adding new designs to ensure people have access to the right products and tools.

According to founder and designer Kathryn, By the Sea Organics is the result of 23 years of experience in the fashion industry. The fashion industry produces up to 10% of the world’s carbon emissions and is also among the top waste producers, with up to 85% of textiles being dumped annually. These numbers made Kathryn realize that fashion brands need to be more eco-conscious. By the Sea Organics allowed her to slow down from the fast pace of the fashion industry and begin working on each product mindfully for a clutter-free lifestyle.

Kathryn shares that building a brand in alignment with love creates magic. This has been the guiding principle of By the Sea Organics and its independent designer. “We look forward to bringing you charming products for years to come that will enhance your quality of life.”

Contact Details:

Business: By the Sea Organics LLC

Contact: Kathryn Letson
Contact Number: 808-720-6712

Email Address: 

Country: United States


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