Live a more sustainable lifestyle

Live a more sustainable lifestyle

Aloha, By the sea O'hana

Do you live a sustainable lifestyle?

Are you mindful of the plastic, paper and aluminum that comes into your life?

When I moved to Hawaii in 2007 I was not paying attention to how much packaging was passing through my hands under the guise of convenience.

I quickly changed my habits, realizing I am responsible for the waste I create, and you are too since large corporations have not created buy back programs yet.

There is no "throwing it away" away where?

This is our beautiful planet and we all need to adopt sustainable habits today for a healthy tomorrow.

This realization led to the development of by the sea organic bandanas to replace tissues and paper towels.  



We offer linen bowl covers to replace plastic and aluminum plus our charming embroidered snack packs replace plastic baggies.

For sustainable trips to the store, start getting used to bringing your own bags. It will take time to create this new habit, keep at it and you will remember!

We love shopping with our quilted totes and market totes for fruits and veggies.

Also, we offer beautiful hand crochet washcloth sets.

They come in a 3 pack with assorted patterns, so pretty for the kitchen or bath.

I just love the Maya Angelou quote " when you know better you do better" that perfectly applies to this situation.

Start contributing to our planet in a sustainable way by slowly changing your habits to zero waste living.

Mahalo for your Kokua,

(By the sea = team love)

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