Sustainable Holiday Gift Guide 2023

Sustainable Holiday Gift Guide 2023

Let's welcome the Holiday season with coziness.

Creating an inviting space is easy when you focus on your senses.

Whether you're hosting family and friends, or simply looking to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere for yourself, there are a few simple steps you can take to make your home feel extra cozy this time of year.

By the sea organics Holiday Collection will be launching in November.

Our special edition Velveteen Collection includes:

Boudoir travel pillow, Beauty pouch, Hawaiian Mopping Slippers, totes, Indigo stacking trays and journals) 

Browse our website where you'll discover all kinds of delicious organic bedding and home goods.

(King sheet sets)

Seaside Throw Blanket


The easiest ways to create a cozy home during the holidays is to add plush and soft textures to your space. Consider adding our cozy organic cotton cushion covers, sheet sets and kantha quilts.


Swap out lightweight curtains for heavier, more luxurious drapes which create more warmth.


Pick up a pair of Hawaiian mopping slippers available in blue quilted velveteen for the Holiday season starting at the end of November 2023 


Consider adding soft, quilted cushion covers to your living room or bedroom to create a warm and inviting feeling.


Another great way to create a cozy home during the holidays is to add warm lighting into your space. Consider adding soft, warm-toned incandescent light bulbs to your lamps and light fixtures, or adding some fairy lights, essential oil diffuser or candles to create a warm and inviting glow.




Finally, let's swap plastics and paper for pretty eco-friendly sustainable textiles like our bandanas or pure linen towels. It's a choice that serves the planet.


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