By the Sea Organics - Trip to India 2023

By the Sea Organics -  Trip to India 2023

Aloha beautiful friends,

How is your Spring unfolding?

I returned from India at the end of February excited, exhausted and filled with inspiration for new collections of up-cycled products.

Once a year I travel to India to be inspired by the gorgeous, lush and rich heritage of Rajasthan.

I can't wait to see the factorie's fabric libraries for their excess production fabrics. That's how we make our zero waste collections

Most importantly I take the time to to build and strengthen connections with the partners who make our collections.

Ensuring everything is being made ethically, up to our quality standard, and with good treatment of everyone involved.

Everything is lovingly handmade.



The first stop was to our vintage Kantha quilt dealer. As I walked into the warehouse my heart raced. The selection of beautiful colors and patterns was endless. Everywhere, piles and stacks of hand stitched quilts were so wonderfully overwhelming.


Then I moved on to our newest business partners for tree free journals and new "paper" products. 

I made Hawaiian friendship bracelets for every worker and handed them out to make a personal connection.


Being an independent designer is super rewarding and super challenging.

There are days I just want to quit because I dont feel like working or I get a crabby customer or there's some tech issue that need attention, endless problems with seemingly no solutions in sight.

That's where self love comes in. No mater what is going on I make time to check in with my emotions everyday especially when traveling. How am I feeling? Do I need anything? Taking the time to care for yourself no matter where you are or what is going on is an incredible practice. I have a journaling/sketching practice, yoga practice and meditation practice, how about you?

What do you do for you?

Back to the trip : )

I visited a new factory that we will try some styles with, pictured above is some of their beautiful cotton block prints.


We are in the process of developing a custom block print that we will use for years to come as our signature print.  We'll make bandanas, sarongs and totes in this print, let's call it the Kauai Jungle print.


We are working on production for two new Women's luxury lounge collections.

One line is called RELAX and the other is called SUSTAIN. Both collections offer comfy cozy styles to make you feel good.

Our organic clothing in one free size, light and breathable, made with chemical-free dyes and inks for a truly organic experience.


In addition to ALL of these new collections we added sweet styles to our current Women's Ocean collection that will be available in July. Check the website frequently for updates.


Excerpts from the North Shore Of Kauai

Take good care of yourself and check out some of the new  styles available on our website now.




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